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Laboratory Safety and Health

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Collective Vol. 1 -Gilman-Blatt (1932)
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Química Orgánica

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Separation and Purification (Vol. III)

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Service Life Prediction. Methodology and Metrologies

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Solid-Liquid Interface Theory

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Steric Effects in Organic Chemistry

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The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis

Vol. I (1977) – Lednicer- Mitscher Vol. II (1980) – Lednicer- Mitscher Vol III (1984) – Lednicer- Mitscher Vol. IV (1990) – Lednicer- Mitscher-Georg Vol. V (1995) – Lednicer- Mitscher-Georg

Thermal Methods in Petroleum Analysis

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Waste Management. For Small Quantity Generators

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